Artists - September/October 2018

Artists - September/October 2018

Summary of artists featured in the September/October 2018 issue.

Katie Daisy
Birdcage (page 48), Heart (51), Fresh Cut (53)
watercolor and acrylic,

Katherine Dunn
Dinner for Two (page 40)
acrylic/mixed media,

Selina Jorgensen
Offering 6 (page 54), Offering 16 (56), Singing Bowl (59)
mixed media and collage

Linda Jung
Buddha Is Canine (page 37)
Acrylic paints on framed birch board panel,

Michelle Kingdom
Though Poppies Grow (page 25), The Descent of Beauty (26)

Asta Lander
“‘What if I fall?’ Oh my darling, what if you fly?” (page 29)
torn paper and acrylic,

Misty Mawn
The Traveler (page 30)
mixed media on paper

Amy Ross
Garden Party #1 (page 42), Fruiting Bodies (44), Garden Pixies (47)

Brooke Sauer
Camouflage process (page 32), Camouflage (34)

Brent Schreiber
Tinkerbell (page 16)
acrylic on canvas,

Lindsay Stripling
Landscape Lady #3 (page 61), Landscape Lady #4 (63), Landscape Lady #8 (64)

Mary Alayne Thomas
The Conspirators Whispered in the Moonlight (page 38)
watercolor and encaustic,

Cathy Zhang
Strength in Diversity (page 23)

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