Why Clear My Aura?

Why Clear My Aura?


The cleaner and clearer the aura, the more authentic, aligned and balanced in-the-moment experience becomes.

Q. I have learned a few skills for clearing my chakras and aura. I find that I use the chakra skills fairly regularly, but only rarely clear my aura. The aura seems so hard to fathom; it’s misty, filmy and not very tangible. Am I making a mistake to avoid clearing my aura?

I don’t want to frame the lack of aura clearing as a mistake. Rather, I’d suggest that not doing so leaves your clearing work incomplete. It is certainly true that the aura is more diffuse and harder to experience and contextualize than the chakras. The chakras are compact, round and metabolize energy within your body system for everything that you experience in your life. When you have an experience that brings you joy, you can feel it internally; the effervescent bubbles of happiness that rise up and coax the smile to your face. Your chakras are vibrating with the frequency of joy, and your body resonates and expresses it. Similarly, if you’re feeling grief, your chakras will vibrate that frequency and your body will express it, through tears, sadness and perhaps a deep sense of heaviness.

Unlike your chakras, the aura exists on the outside of your body, where sensation is much harder to track. If you’re happy or sad, you don’t feel it vibrating outside of you, right?

Yet the energy that migrates into the chakras to metabolize the emotional awareness of your experience is coming from your aura. The cleaner and clearer the aura, the more authentic, aligned and balanced in-the-moment experience becomes.

Here’s some things to consider about the aura:

  • The aura is an integrated component of your Astral body, the chakras cannot exist without energy flowing to them from the aura, and conversely the aura needs the chakras to generate your experiences. Without chakras, you’d float about without actualizing anything at all!
  • The aura stores emotional energy. The chakras use emotional energy. When you clear the chakras, you’re clearing what’s resident in them at the time of the clearing. The vast majority of emotional energy stored in the aura remains there when the chakras are cleared.
  • We all have patterns, behaviors, go-to emotions that frame our experience. Some tend to feel anxious, others feel depression, still others are conflict avoidant. The patterns and behaviors that we all carry and play out lie dormant in the aura, awaiting expression. If there’s no conflict occurring, there’s nothing to avoid. But if a political discussion with friends descends into a tussle, there’ll be a conflict to be avoided! The aura will activate the conflict avoidant emotional energy, which will migrate into the chakras. The conflict avoidant person will resonate the energy and start behaving accordingly.
  • Not all of our patterns are effective. In fact, many of our patterns are habituated, a result of old stories from a time when we were less sophisticated and facile than we are now. The aura holds these habituated patterns in perpetuity unless they’re actively cleared.
  • There’s an expression you’ve probably heard before, ‘old habits die hard’. When the energy body is holding a habituated pattern, awareness of the dysfunctional pattern may not be enough to keep it from occurring. There may not be enough time or space to change tactics and operate differently before the energy activates in the aura and starts running through the chakras.
  • The aura’s energy is generative. It precedes physical experience and expression. An aura that holds a conflict avoidant energy pattern will be difficult to shift without some targeted energy clearing.

Many people turn to energy healing as a resource for evolving longstanding patterns that they’re aware of but unable to change. Energy clearing works with root cause, and it shifts, evolves, clears and releases ineffective behaviors, patterns, stuck emotions. When the aura and chakras are cleared concurrently, evolution occurs more quickly and comprehensively.

When you’re clearing your aura, you may not experience much kinesthetically, or feel sensations as you might when you’re working in your chakras. Because the aura is so diffuse and filmy, it is generally less sensation-laden. Sensation does not imply effectiveness, it simply means your body is registering a clearing experience. There are lots of people, including some pretty talented practitioners, who have very little sensate awareness of the energy they’re working with in their own and their clients’ energy fields.

Trust the process and make the commitment to give your aura equal time! Then observe yourself in your life and your interactions. You’ll gradually notice that old triggers no longer fire, that you navigate experiences with new awareness and resourcefulness.

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