How to Generate Flow in a Closed Chakra

How to Generate Flow in a Closed Chakra


The more frequently you run energy into the chakra, the more rapidly you’ll open up the chakra to its potential and capacity.

Q. What does it mean to have a closed chakra? How can I learn which chakras are closed and how can I get them flowing energy again?

In general, when people refer to closed chakras, they’re talking about their inability to easily create or actualize something they want, need or desire.

An example of this might be feeling like you have difficulty effectively conveying your skills, experience and qualifications at job interviews.

I hear concerns about closed down chakras in relation to just about any issue: relationships, accomplishing tasks, moving forward with goals, plans and ideas, speaking up, overcoming negative beliefs, spiritual connection and inspiration.

Knowing the placement and function of the Astral (emotional) chakras can help you discern which chakra may be closed and why.

Use the chart below to reference the chakra functions and placements so that you can work on generating flow in a closed or constricted chakra.

With the earlier example of not interviewing well when applying for jobs, what chakra would you imagine is too closed?

Did you guess the fifth chakra — authentic self-expression? That’s most likely the chakra that needs to move back into harmonious flow.

Some people know a chakra is closed through kinesthetic or felt-sense awareness. They can sense exactly where in their body their energy is shut down or is lacking flow. They might say, ‘I feel constrained or tight in my throat when I interview, and then I don’t represent myself well at all.’

Once you know which chakra is closed, you can generate flow. The job seeker would prefer to communicate professionally, with ease, enthusiasm and clarity. She’ll want to get energy flowing in her fifth chakra so that she can readily interact with interviewers.

Where could you use a little energetic flow?

  • Take a moment and tune in to yourself.
  • Is there a place in your life where you feel like generating flow would help you shift and move forward?
  • What’s the story you’re holding? What words would you use to describe the constriction or lack of flow?
  • Is there a place in your body where you feel tight or bound up as you think about the issue?

Or, if nothing comes to mind, take a look at the chart, and intuitively choose a chakra that might benefit from increasing its energetic flow.

  • Tune in to the chakra you’ve chosen. Reflect on what you’d like to create in your life as you increase the chakra’s vitality, vibrancy and flow. And then imagine increasing the chakra’s energy.
  • If you’re working with your first, second or third chakra, visualizing beautiful, bright green energy filling the chakra will enliven and vitalize the chakra with Earth energy.
  • If you’re working with your fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh chakra, visualizing beautiful, sparkling, golden Cosmic energy filling the chakra will raise its vibration and vitality.

You can do this as many times in a day as you’d like. The more frequently you run energy into the chakra, the more rapidly you’ll open up the chakra to its potential and capacity.

Be fully present to the process. It only takes a minute or two to infuse a chakra with bright, vibrant energy. Tune in deeply and notice what you experience, any sensations that emerge as the chakra opens up and begins flowing.

If you notice that you’re starting to feel closed down again, run energy right away. Make the choice to fill your chakras with green Earth and gold Cosmic energy, and visualize them perking up and flowing energy to create what you want and desire.

Remember: it’s important to bring your focus and energy to what you do want, rather than circling around what you perceive as ‘wrong’ or lacking. Energy flows where attention goes, so place your awareness and intention on what you want to create, and then run energy to manifest your wants, needs and desires.

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