Hone Your Energy Healing With Deeper Intention

Hone Your Energy Healing With Deeper Intention


Moving toward a more granular intention for an energy healing session.

Q. My energy healer always tells me that she’s doing my session with the intention of bring healing for my ‘highest possible good’. Is there a more specific and powerful way to work with energy?

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with the phrase ‘highest possible good’. The concept or idea is to invite potentiality and grace to inform your healing session, and to keep the practitioner’s personal agenda for the work out of the way.

I do feel that like many phrases in our cultural lexicon, the words are overused. When this occurs, the words lose their meaning and impact. They become easy platitudes that imply a concept without necessarily understanding or embodying their meaning.

I encourage practitioners who study energy healing with me to go deeper with themselves and their clients, to move beyond a generic session intention such as ‘highest possible good’, or ‘healing of the body mind and spirit’, to greater specificity and congruence with what is occurring with the client right now.

Here’s some examples of moving toward a more granular intention for an energy healing session. If a client says:

I feel blocked and would like to have the blockages removed in this session. I’d want to know:
  • How is the feeling of being blocked showing up in your experience? Can you offer two to three recent examples where this was true for you?
  • What emotions did you experience with each of the examples?
  • What thoughts and beliefs emerged as you noticed that the blockage was occurring?
  • Where in your body do you notice any sensation of being blocked, stuck or unable to move forward?
  • What would you like to have happen differently?
  • What do you imagine it would feel like energetically and emotionally to be unblocked?

Sample Intention: I move purposefully in my life and take actions to manifest my choices, ideas and desires.

I’d like to treat my anxiety [or other difficult emotion]. I’d generally ask:
  • How much of each day is spent feeling anxious?
  • Is your experience of anxiety accompanied by any other symptoms?
  • Where do you feel anxiety in your body?
  • When was the last time you had an anxiety free day?
  • What did you feel like emotionally and physically when your day was anxiety free?
  • What steps do you currently take to manage the anxiety you feel?
  • Are you open to working with energy skills and practices to help you decrease and let go of your anxiety?

Sample Intention: I am calm, clear and emotionally balanced. I restore my equilibrium with ease and conscious awareness.

Do you see how a level of specificity can be achieved by digging a bit more deeply into your energetic experience? This information can then be used to develop a customized approach to your treatment and work coherently toward supporting and achieving resolution to your concern or issue.

While your energy healer may not use this approach with your session, preferring to use the generic, ‘highest possible good’ idea, it needn’t stop you from doing this work for yourself. You can bring your inner clarity and coherent intention to the work the practitioner does in your healing session.

You can identify and acknowledge your experience, and consciously craft an intention that cultivates a substantial energetic shift.

Holding this intention and inviting yourself to release whatever interferes with its manifestation, enables you to take a very active stance in the session, while you lie on the table and receive treatment.

It’s very possible that your energy healer may notice an upsurge in what’s cleared and released. You may notice a substantial difference in how you feel during and after the session.

What questions can you think of to help you deepen your work in your energy healing sessions? What intention can you craft to hold yourself in an active stance during your treatment? Share them with me — I’m happy to offer additional ideas and feedback!

Evolution of experience through energy healing tends to be iterative and cumulative. The more you clear and release, the more you shift and grow.

Moving beyond the idea of ‘highest possible good’ is a powerful mechanism for healing, and puts you in the driver seat of your evolution.

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