Calm Racing Thoughts With This Energy Practice

Calm Racing Thoughts With This Energy Practice


Jill Leigh answers your questions about energy, meditation, and more.

Question: My thoughts race all the time. Meditation is impossible for me. Is something going on with my energy that keeps me from being calm and present?

Racing thoughts are so challenging. Mindfulness is supposed to be an antidote for monkey mind, but when thoughts are racing, tracking the breath or finding an inner sanctum proves impossible.

Your energy dictates your experience. When something is running amok, evolving your energy can expedite behavior change, especially with a tough pattern like racing thoughts.

First, let’s look at some causes of racing thoughts or monkey mind:

  • You’re fighting gravity — you’ve pulled all of your energy up into your head. To do this, you’ve closed down your feet chakras, in the arches of your feet.
  • You’re losing ground — well, your grounding that is. Your feet chakras are part of your grounding system that anchors your energy to the Earth and enables you to let go.
  • You’re heart less — your heart is the most powerful electromagnetic field in your body. When thoughts race, your heart chakra gets overridden (and with it, your ability to be compassionate, balanced, and fully present). You’re not heartless, but definitely heart less.
  • Your thoughts are amplified —excess energy floods your head because your 6th chakra is too open, keeping you stuck in the monkey mind pattern. Mudras, mindfulness, following the breath become irrelevant and useless tools.


Here’s a simple energy practice for you to apply when the monkeys are loose and running the show. As you train your energy, your mind will learn that you’re operating differently. The monkeys will surrender to presence, balance and grounded awareness.

Try this:

  • Put your feet flat on the floor (if possible, stand up, arms at your side, posture comfortably straight). Take 2 or 3 full, comfortable breaths
  • Set a simple, clear intention to shift your energy, such as: I am present, aligned and balanced
  • Bring your awareness to your feet chakras, in the arches of your feet
  • Pretend, imagine, demand, dictate, authorize your feet chakras to open up, connecting your energy to the Earth and its gravitational pull. You can set your feet chakras to 60 or 70% open as you affirm that you are the authority of your energy. Your wish is your command!
  • Track your energy. You may sense a downward flow, perhaps accompanied by tingling in the legs and feet, feeling more anchored, a pleasant heaviness, mental calmness and clarity.
  • Bring your awareness to your 6th chakra in the center of your head
  • Pretend, imagine, demand, dictate, authorize your 6th chakra to reset to about 50% open. (You’ll be closing it down, probably from 70 or 80% open, which is what happens when your energy rushes up to your head.)
  • Validate your choice to be present, balanced, grounded, aligned.

Now, as you evolve your being, observe yourself without judgment. If you treat yourself with contempt when you notice you’re in monkey mind, you’ll actually be feeding the monkeys!

Rather, notice when monkey mind is operating, and apply the practice. Keep at it — you’re in training. You may not master this in a day or a week. As you compassionately apply the practice, your heart will take its rightful place as the fulcrum of your energy body and the monkeys will recede.

Here’s to balance, composure, meditation, presence, alignment and gravity!

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