Are Crystals Safe to Put in Drinking Water?

Are Crystals Safe to Put in Drinking Water?


Water-safe crystals include chalcedony to support expression and smoky quartz for stress relief.

Sorry, cucumbers and mint. When it comes to additives for the water pitcher, the latest thing is crystals. And no, I do not mean Crystal Light, the low-cal powdered beverage mix. I mean crystals as in minerals in a repeating crystalline molecular pattern. They are a popular energy healing tool, and now they are plunking their way into our water bottles. But wait, you may be thinking, is it safe to put crystals in drinking water?

Why Put Crystals in Your Water?

Crystals are said to infuse water with positive energy. As with all crystal healing, different crystals are associated with different properties, so, one might sip from chalcedony water to support expression or smoky quartz for stress relief. Commercially, accessories are made by companies such as Glacce, which makes a glass bottle with a giant amethyst crystal sticking up into it. Vita Juwel does a version where the stones are contained under a dome.

Or, you can also make your own crystal-infused water. First, a few considerations are warranted to be sure the crystals are water safe.

Water-Safe Crystals

Examples of water-safe crystals include quartz (clear, rose, and smoky), amethyst, and citrine. Many crystals have toxins or metals, like aluminum or copper (just a few include Alexandrite, azurite, chrysocolla, pyrite, and ruby). Still others, like hematite, react badly in water, rusting, breaking, or dissolving.

The point is, this calls for research before simply plopping any old crystal into your goblet. If in doubt, use an indirect method. You can keep your crystal next to the water, on the outside of a glass vessel. Whichever crystal you do choose, single crystals work best, as opposed to clusters and geodes, which are hard to keep clean and may hide impurities in the crevices.

Preparing Water-Safe Crystals

Wash the crystals well with water, then put them into a glass container and cover them with fresh water. Cover and set the glass in sunlight or moonlight to harness the energy, say the believers. Now, the experts say, you have your crystal-charged water, ready for drinking.

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Now that you know which crystals are safe to put in drinking water, you're ready to try crystal-infused hydration!

Bonus use. In addition to drinking crystal water, the water can also be used in the bath, to give to your cat or dog, in your cooking water—even the water you use to sprinkle on your plants.

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