Toolbox: A Moment for Paws

Toolbox: A Moment for Paws

S&H offers these finds as a way to pamper, entertain, and commune with your four-legged friends.

Tool Holistic Dog Book

Get into the inner workings of your dog’s mind, body, and spirit by reading Laura Benko’s The Holistic Dog; she’ll change the way you see your dog’s experience of life. ($25)

Tool Cut Wubba

Keep your cat’s curiosity piqued and your sense of humor alive with the Cat Wubba Moppy, a crinkly toy that has catnip embedded throughout. ($5.49)

Tool Pitta Dogfood

Ayurveda is not just for humans! Learn the best daily routine and food type for your dog’s dosha by taking a quiz, and then stock up on dosha-specific Dog Food formulated for its mind/body type. ($29.99)

Tool Spirit Cats

The playful painted cats in the Spirit Cats Deck will impart inspiration and creativity, and are sure to make you smile. ($20)

Tool Food Bowl

The cheerful color and smooth feel of the Molded Bamboo Pet Bowl is a stylish way to serve up supper. ($10.99)

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” 

— Anatole France
Tool Painting Pet Book

Unleash your inner artist by capturing the essence of your favorite animal friend with the artistic direction of Playful Painting: Pets by artist Faye Moorhouse. Don’t worry—no MFA required. ($21.95)

Tool Shampoo

When you’re not in the mood to wrangle your furry friend into the bath, Waterless Foaming Shampoo will keep your companion smelling sweet, thanks to lavender and chamomile. ($11.42)

Tool Found Collar

Adorn your rescue dog with a Found Collar and you’ll be supporting outreach programs to provide spay and neuter services in underserved areas. ($56)

Tool Zukes Treat

Pamper your pup with Mini Naturals, designed to be the Goldilocks of training treats: not too big, not too small, but just right to let him know he’s behaving. ($5.79 for 6 oz.)

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