Talk To Us: March/April 2018

Talk To Us: March/April 2018

Welcome Back

I subscribed to your magazine for several years, and in the busyness of life, forgot to renew when my subscription ended. Now I’m back, and what a (re)treat! As I write this, I am sitting in my lovely little cabin, looking out over a pristine lake in northern Idaho, enjoying the fire in the wood stove, and relishing the last pages of the most recent issue of Spirituality & Health.

Two thoughts:

1) Mark Nepo is a treasure! I am so glad he is now a regular contributor. I had the pleasure of attending a workshop led by him a few years ago, on Vancouver Island. The wisdom in that room—certainly from Mark, but clearly from all of us as catalyzed by Mark—incredible! And . . .

2) A small thing, really, but can you use mailing labels that peel off easily and do not damage the magazine cover? I want to see the entire cover, first of all. Also, I don’t want my name and address on the magazine when I send it on for others to read, such as to the local hospital waiting room.

– Carol Bonino Spokane, Washington

Hey! Never mind about the label. I had trouble with previous issues, but wrote before trying this latest issue. Came right off! :) Yay!!!

When Guilt Is Good

The article “When Guilt Is Good” includes an example of Rev. Jesse Jackson’s apology after he made a racist slur about Jews. The example does not meet the standards of a true apology, which should state both the specific wrong and the offender’s remorse and ask for forgiveness. Also, an apology should focus on the impact on the victim, not the self-justification of the offender. His apology, listed as an example in #2 of the article, does not meet the standards of an apology listed in #3 of the same article.

– [Unsigned]

Our President

Mr. Feldman asks, “Do you think it is incompatible to support Trump and yet still be a wise person?”

I believe yes. You can’t be wise, or religious, or spiritual, or compassionate, or empathetic and support the man occupying the Oval Office. No amount of good a person has done before in his or her life could erase the violence, hatred, xenophobia, and racism unleashed over our land by the single act of casting a vote for an amoral, selfish, greedy, and ignorant monster.

The CDC is working on developing emergency plans in case a nuclear bomb lands in our cities. Rules protecting our air, water, and the environment are being dismantled. I am not sure my children and grandchildren will inherit a livable planet.

Where is the wisdom of voting for your own demise?

– Maria Swanson Erie, Pennsylvania

Whitewater Retreat

Marty Thommes’s account of his solo whitewater retreat put me on the Rogue River! I could feel the movement of the raft—see the water, hear it—scan the brilliant night sky. . . . Thommes captured perfectly that special high that comes only with being solo in the wilderness. And what a trip!

I hope to open a future issue of Spirituality & Health and read another article by this rower, writer, and wise soul.

– Patricia Kent Fredericksburg, Virginia

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