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A Paleo Guide to Hormone Replacement


Bear - Anne Siens

Men produce reproductive hormones as they age. Why not women?

I consider myself a “paleo” physician, by which I mean one who bases her practice partly on principles derived from an understanding of human evolution and our healthiest possible relationship to the natural world. So friends and patients who know my paleo leanings are curious about the fact that I also recommend that women take hormone replacements during and after menopause. Of course, no cavewoman took replacement hormones, but to my mind that’s not really the point. Unlike so many medications people take today, smart cavewomen would likely have chosen to take hormone replacements if they had been available. Let me start with the basics to explain why. All of us are descendants of ancestors who led successful lives. By success I don’t mean that they were necessarily smart or had the biggest cave, but rather it means that they were sufficiently strong to reproduce and that their progeny were also successful at reproduction—and continued to be successful over countless generations leading to us. The primitive world offered many challenges to survival, but once early life challenges (infancy, c …

Deborah Gordon, MD

Deborah Gordon MD is a competitive rower and paleo aficionado who practices integrative medicine in Ashland, Oregon. She is keenly aware of the need to maintain muscle and bone mass (and everything else) as we age. Much to the surprise of many of her patients, Dr. Gordon recommends hormone replacement on the theory that paleo women would have used it if they could have.

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