Become Free From Addiction through Spiritual Understanding: Part 2 of 2

Become Free From Addiction through Spiritual Understanding: Part 2 of 2

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Knowing how to revive our close loving friendship with God is the key to overcoming any addiction.

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In Part 1, we discussed about reviving our lost relationship with our Supreme friend. We continue the same with this part 2 below.

…When this close relationship with God is absent, we feel this absence in our hearts, in our lives, in the very core of our being. Our relationship with the Supreme Person is so vitally important to us, that estrangement from Him causes us immense distress. When we are not intimately relating with Him, we feel a deep, persistent, unbearable emptiness and unhappiness in our heart of hearts. If we do not understand that our separation from God is the root cause of our suffering, we unknowingly try to cover and fill this vacancy with things of this material world. In doing so, we easily become addicted to activities which may temporarily distract us from our suffering or cover it, but do not end it - and ultimately lead us even deeper into desperation and despair.

Knowing that we are spiritual beings, enables us to understand that we will only be completely happy and fulfilled when we are again actively engaged in a very close and loving relationship with God. Knowing how we can, in a practical way, revive our close loving friendship with Him is the key to overcoming any addiction, and realizing true health and happiness.

So how can we revive our lost friendship with the Supreme Person?

Awaken Innate Love for the Supreme

We can awaken our innate love for God through regularly hearing and repeating His Names. The yoga scriptures tell us that for this day and age, the way to remember God and revive our lost friendship with Him, is by hearing and repeating His transcendental Names. (In yoga practice this is called Mantra Meditation.) God's Names have the power to purify our consciousness, and awaken the natural affinity and love for the Supreme Person that lies dormant within our hearts.

The Names of the Supreme Person are not ordinary sound. They are the Supreme Person Himself appearing in this world in the form of spiritual sound vibration. God appears in this world as His Names out of His unconditional love for us. He sees and understands our suffering condition and kindly gives us a way out of this suffering through His Names, and through His instructions to us in the bonafide scriptures of the world.

Whenever we hear and chant or sing the Names of Supreme Person, we are actually putting ourselves directly in His presence. He is fully there with us, lovingly embracing us. But because our hearts and minds are clouded by material misunderstandings and attachments, we generally do not fully experience His presence when we first begin to hear and chant God’s Names. However, the more that we hear and chant, the more our consciousness becomes purified - and the more we are able to tangibly experience the familiar, sweet, warm, loving, comforting presence of our dear Supreme Friend. We actually experience Him in our hearts, and remember our eternal friendship with Him. Naturally, we are overjoyed to be affectionately relating with Him again, and eager to have Him fully back in our lives.

Love for God is the swiftest and most direct path out of the misery of addiction, and into the embrace of real happiness.

Having a very real and ongoing close friendship with God completely and perfectly fills the deep emptiness in our hearts. When we are constantly tasting the sublime nectar of His love for us and our love for Him, our hearts are full and happy. Loving the Supreme Person is literally the missing piece of our life's puzzle. When our hearts and lives are filled with love for God, we no longer have need of the things we misguidedly used to try to cover up the pain of missing Him.

When, through the regular practice of Mantra Meditation, we begin our journey back toward Him, back toward the remembrance and revitalization of our friendship with Him, everything starts to fall back into place. Everything becomes increasingly clear to us. And all the material obsessions that we erroneously allowed to overrun our hearts, are forcibly ejected.

This is the swiftest and most direct path out of the misery of addiction, and into the embrace of real happiness. When we hear and chant or sing the Names of the Supreme Person, we are, in effect, taking our hearts and lives back from the wrongful places we mistakenly invested them, and instead placing them upon on our natural and rightful object of love, God, our Supreme Friend. Every time we hear and repeat the Names of our eternal Friend, we move one step closer to Him - one step closer to the divine peace, love, real purpose, shelter, happiness, and satisfaction we long for - and He takes a thousand steps toward us.

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