10 Ways to Make Meditation Practice A No-Brainer

10 Ways to Make Meditation Practice A No-Brainer


Set yourself up for successful meditation practice.

Tony Robbins said, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” He’s right. Turning something that feels esoteric—such as a meditation practice—into a regular, daily thing that you do, like brushing your teeth , well, it can sometimes feel as if you need to transform the invisible into the visible. But it’s not magic. Once you’ve set the goal of daily meditation, you just need to set yourself up for success. Here are 10 ways to make meditation practice a no-brainer.

  1. Where will you meditate? Choose the least cluttered spot you can find, and have a mat, cushion or pillow at the ready.
  2. Make your space inviting. Flameless candle? Regular candle? Flower in a vase? Small statue? What will entice you to enter that space and feel peaceful? Put it there.
  3. Have a cozy wrap, soft shawl or small blanket at the ready in your meditation space, in case you get chilly.
  4. When will you meditate? Tie your meditation to something you already do, such as “I will meditate for 3 minutes after I let the dog out into the yard each morning.” Or, “I will meditate for 5 minutes after I wash my face.”
  5. Set a timer or alarm to further remind you.
  6. How will you meditate? Will you be practicing deep breathing? Using a mantra? Listening to a guided app? Have a plan.
  7. If you will be using an app (Headspace, Insight Timer, etc.) to meditate, have it downloaded and ready.
  8. Or create an audio meditation library. There are so many options, from meditations for healing, to awakening creativity, to letting go of emotional blockages. Perhaps each week, choose a theme to work on.
  9. Or if you prefer healing sounds, have your spa music, New Age celestial tunes, or Tibetan bowl recordings selected. All you have to do is hit play when it’s time to meditate.
  10. After each meditation session, give yourself a little positive reinforcement. Time to make hot vanilla coffee, or enjoy a shower with some eucalyptus oil, for example. Or give yourself a gold star in your meditation journal. Mark the occasion, because it is worth a small celebration. You are taking care of you.

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