Reclaim Your Feminine Voice

Reclaim Your Feminine Voice


What are the most important must-haves to create and maintain an empowered life? An author, psychic medium, and intuitive life coach shares powerful tools to help.

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I’m often asked the most important must-haves to create and maintain an empowered life. I’d like to share a few powerful tools that will help you reclaim your voice!

Ask Yourself What You Want.

Most people know exactly what they don’t want but when asked what they truly do want they aren’t always sure. You must dig down deep and discern what you want! As you settle into discerning your wants, raise your expectations and ambitions of yourself. Finding and then honoring what you want is the most powerful act of self-love you could step into to bring the richest life experience!

Release Blocks and Beliefs about Past Outcomes. There Are No Mistakes.

Do you feel like a choice you’ve made was a mistake? You know your choice was the best one you could have made because it was the choice you made at that time. A Course in Miracles teaches that ‘’your choices are honorable because they’re your own.” Love yourself to the extent that, even if it was not the best choice, it was your choice.

Connecting to Your Soul Self with a Mantra.

Create space for a few moments of silence and go within. Quiet your mind and repeat the mantra, “All is well. I am loved. I am perfect just as I am.”

Meditation and quieting your mind is essential to connect you to your Infinite-Self. Accessing your higher self-brings the guidance you seek. With it comes newfound inspiration and you will find yourself harnessing those aspects of yourself that you rarely use. Most importantly, as you connect to your high self you become happier!

You and Your Heart Chakra.

When you notice feelings of overwhelm and stress, when you feel pulled in many directions or when tough decisions are presenting at once, make time to tune into your heart space. Try this:

In a meditative space, deep breathe for several minutes and go within. Travel behind your heart space. This is where your own unique soul signature is. Connect to this special space by just putting your attention as well as your intention here. Breathe in and breathe out with your soul signature from here for a few minutes. You should now feel revived, calm and able to tackle any challenge today. Use this heart space centering tool regularly to link with the source of your deepest awareness in its purest form.

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