Toolbox: Gifts that Give

Toolbox: Gifts that Give

Imlakesh Organics

Choose from these S&H finds, and let your gift be one that ripples goodness out into the far reaches of our world.

00 Tool Beanie

Contribute to the battle against pediatric cancer by giving a cuffed beanie, and you’ll also be sharing a beanie with a child who is undergoing cancer treatment. ($30)

01 Tool Yogini Notecards

Stay connected to those you love with the Strike-a-pose yogini assorted notecard set and you will be helping to bring yoga and meditation to those who need it most. ($16)

02 Tool Soap Set

For children living in poverty, being able to wash their hands can be a matter of life or death. The Bar Soap Set will help to bring soap and clean water to a child in need. ($20)

03 Tool Serum

The real beauty of Vitality and Restoration Serum is that it offers an avenue to support a global battle against hunger. ($89)

04 Tool Pouredcandle

Poured by hand in Brooklyn, the Hyacinth and Bamboo candle invites the opportunity to bring light to communities that live without electricity. ($55)

05 Tool Kualona

For shoe lovers, the Kualona brings comfort and stability and supports the perpetuation of the Hawaiian culture and the aloha spirit. ($170)

06 Tool Compass Necklace

The clear direction of the Compass Chain Necklace gives the opportunity to combat human trafficking in Cambodia and offers artisans there a chance to earn a living wage. ($115)

07 Tool Collections Socks

Anything but dull, the Collection socks combine a sweet pair of socks with causes ranging from clean water to literacy. ($39.95)

08 Tool Chocolatier Gift

Support small-scale, fair trade organic farming and delight the chocoholic in your life with the Chocolatier’s Dream Gift Set, made from pure cacao in the form of nibs, powder, and wafers. ($33.50)

Free resources:

  • Look for clothes made with Bluesign design and you’ll be supporting a more sustainable way to produce textiles.
  • When you want to give the gift of time, find a nonprofit in your area that could benefit from the unique gifts you have to offer.

“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”

— Mary Anne Radmacher

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