Toolbox: Open Wide

Toolbox: Open Wide

Give your health a boost by fine-tuning your oral and dental hygiene with these picks from S&H.

07 Tool Ionic Toothbrush

The decidedly futuristic-sounding ionic toothbrush has been shown in studies to reduce plaque, reportedly by temporarily changing the polarity of your teeth so they repel it. ($26.95)

08 Tool Eco Awesome Floss

Made of biodegradable silk and cleverly packaged, the eco-awesome floss is every tree hugger’s clean teeth dream. ($4.95)

00 Tool Toothpicks

These vibrantly flavored toothpicks will help you clean your teeth on the go, plus they are made in America from sustainably harvested birch trees. ($2.50)

01 Tool Brushing Rinse

Start your day with Brushing Rinse and you’ll be spitting potentially harmful bacteria down the drain instead of swallowing it. ($11.47)

09 Tool Chew Sticks

Use Neem chew sticks to take advantage of the plant’s antibacterial qualities—and to satisfy your oral fixation. ($24.99)

06 Tool Pulling Rinse

The three types of oil in the Dual Phase Pulling Rinse offer a smooth mouthfeel, and the tea tree and mint oils leave your mouth feeling fresh. ($9.99)

03 Tool Tooth Powder

Made from wildcrafted and organic ingredients, the herbal tooth and gum powder is a potent combination that will shake up your brushing routine. ($12.97)

05 Tool Spry Gum2

Get your chew on with Spry green tea gum, sweetened with xylitol, which can prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth. ($1.25)

02 Tool Water Flosser Aqua

Infinitely more hi-tech than traditional string flossing, the water flosser can also give your gums a massage. ($89.99)

04 Tool Tongue Cleaner

Ayurveda calls the coating you see on your tongue in the morning ama; remove it efficiently by using the tongue cleaner. ($7.95)

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Turn tooth-brushing time into a miniparty by using the Brush DJ app to play your favorite songs and ensure that you are getting your full two minutes in.

On the first Friday of October—this year it’s October 6—celebrate World Smile Day, which honors Harvey Ball, who created the iconic Smiley Face in 1963. This little-known day (which has been celebrated annually since 1999) gives you a chance to share the gift of your smile with everyone you see.

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