5 Ways to Moderate Your News Intake

5 Ways to Moderate Your News Intake

Here’s how to stay engaged, but in a more mindful and healthy way.


I’m a total news junkie, with subscriptions to several newspapers and a passion for NPR. But I’m not alone in saying that with current events changing so fast—and being so negative—these days news can be 1) highly addictive and 2) utterly depressing. For this week’s Healthy Habit, I’m exploring ways of moderating intake of the news. I’ve found a few suggestions on ways to stay engaged, but partake in a more mindful and healthy way.

1:1 Ratio

For any time spent reading news online or listening to the radio, balance it with spiritual and or uplifting content. That’s different for everyone, but options might include prayer, trying a new mediation phone app, or reading a new book with insights on strengthening relationships, for example.


You are the gatekeeper for your brain, so only go with sources of news offering top-quality journalism. There’s a difference between “media” and journalism, after all. Is the news you are ingesting credible? Objective? Intelligent? Balanced with several viewpoints? Humans, including those in the newsroom, will occasionally make mistakes, but we should be demanding accurate reporting.

Use a Timer

Instead of going into an endless wormhole of news on social media or online, set a timer for 20 minutes. Check the headlines, read anything important and move on.

Try Something New

Try a different news area than you usually dive into. For example, if you always read about the Supreme Court, flip through Arts. Always in the Health news? Try Tech. Sports fiends? Read Real Estate. Flipping around a little to interests we don’t think we have expands our horizons.

Take Action

Instead of fuming endlessly, choose a few charities or institutions you believe in and can focus on, so that you can send love and light to something. When horrible news breaks, turn toward your positive intentions.

Tell us in the comments section, how do you control the news feed?

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