Toolbox: Ocean Aware

Toolbox: Ocean Aware

The choices we make on land make a huge difference to the health of our oceans; consider these gems found by S&H as your way to give back to the big blue.

00 Tool Bamboostraw

Give up plastic straws and choose reusable bamboo straws instead; you’ll be reducing plastic waste, and doing a good thing for turtles (straws can get stuck in their noses). ($8.50 for set of 6)

06 Tool Facialscrub

Free of insidious microbeads, which end up washing into our lakes and oceans, Extra Fine Citrus Facial Scrub will leave your face, and your conscience, squeaky clean. ($36)

03 Tool Swell Stingray Bottle

Carry the sleek Stingray bottle with you wherever you go, and you’ll never go thirsty—or have to buy a plastic bottle of water again. ($35)

01 Tool Vibrationsjacket 0

When the skies open up and the rains pour down, cover yourself with the eco-chic Vibrations rain jacket: stylish, waterproof, and made of a couple dozen recycled plastic water bottles. (£85)

07 Tool Bureo With Net

Used fishing nets can become major ocean pollutants and get tangled with marine wildlife. The Ahi Performance Cruiser skateboard transforms those nets into a playful way to get around the block. ($195)

04 Tool Suncreenbutter

Covering all bases, the Sport Sunscreen Butter Stick is easy to apply, keeps your skin protected, and is free of all eight chemicals that pollute the ocean. ($15.99)

05 Tool Missionblue

Understand the importance of “Hope Spots” in Mission Blue, vital marine preserve areas around the globe critical for protecting, in Sylvia Earle’s words, Earth’s Blue Heart. ($25)

08 Tool Ikhanna Sandals

Take a stroll in Ikhanna sandals, and you’ll be helping to keep used tires from being burned or thrown in landfills. ($50)

02 Tool Utensil Set

Kimi Werner is a freediver and spearfisher who is an advocate of living in connection with and respect for the ocean. Her “Bring It” Utensil Kit is a beautiful and convenient way to honor that connection on the go, without all the waste. ($80)

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