The Vastness Of Your Pond

The Vastness Of Your Pond

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You start life as a prince or princess (at least while playacting or daydreaming). Or your life could start as an astronaut traveling into the far beyond or superwoman that sticks like glue to the sides of tall skyscrapers.

But then, it all fades away as ‘reality’ is taught to you and you are educated on how to go about your life in a world that has no time for what you so potently knew you could be.

At first, you live life as a frog (no offense meant) who is not really liking the reflection in the pond—did your eyes really have to bulge that way, did you have to be so squat and did these genetic markings have to be so unrefined, the skin so dark/so light/so green? And as you sometimes sit and reflect by the edge of your pond, you wonder why all the charm had to go to that bounder frog in the next pond, or why you didn’t have the astuteness of the one who occasionally visited and why you couldn’t leap the highest or farthest in all those competitions? You think you could always be better, have done better, and acquired better things in your life.

To change this perception, know that it’s not the kiss from someone else that turns you back into the prince or princess you were when your life began. It’s the kiss from yourself that does this—the hug of acceptance and the embrace of self-love that starts the journey into knowing that you are not the frog but the infinite pond of endless possibilities itself. That every time you have chosen to dive into its depths and emerge in a costume of your choosing—cowboy, healer, warrior, composer, mother of ten children, father of none, tall and statuesque, short and wiry, vegetable seller or brain surgeon—you have chosen so because you could be anything that you desired to experience. You could choose any option for your life because you carry full potential within you.

It is that kiss of awakening you finally give yourself that prompts you to be at peace with all that you are, with all the cards that you have knowingly or unconsciously dealt yourself in life and with all that exists around you. It is this self-acceptance and the search for yourself that takes you to TED talks, courses, retreats and books. It is the embarking on this journey that you had promised yourself this time around—to move from self-negation to self-acceptance, from the limited to the infinite, from disempowered to fully empowered. That’s when you begin to get that you are not limited by your costume but rather, you are inspired by your potential. Life, as you’ve always wanted to live it, awaits you!

Become aware of who you are and everything that you do will be a fulfillment of self. ~ Julius

When you next gaze at your reflection in the pond, don’t see your costume but instead see the limitless origin of it. When you do this, you are once again the prince or princess—the eternal metaphor for the light being.

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