Toolbox: Marching for Change

Toolbox: Marching for Change

Take these picks from S&H with you as you make sure your voice is heard.

07 Tool Pincause Shirt

Spreading a message of love and human rights that was ignited at the Women’s March on 1/21/17, the 4 year shirt helps you make a bold statement; part of the proceeds go toward supporting the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and Deaf Women United. ($35)

00 Tool Dr Bronners

When you want to keep your baggage light, the 4-in-1 Organic Sugar Soap is created to clean you gently from top to toe. ($9.99)

06 Tool Rami Bag

The Yami cross body bag lets you keep personal documents close, and supports a company that is empowering impoverished and at-risk women globally. ($96)

08 Tool Muesli

Breakfast on the nourishing and sustaining Organic Happy Muesli, and you’ll have the energy to take as many steps as you need. ($5.99)

02 Tool

When looking for an anthem to ignite your movement, listen to singer/activist/poet Billy Bragg as he offers up his passion with the power to propel. (£4.99)

04 Tool Zen Origami 0

Perfect for downtime in any situation, Zen Origami includes origami paper and directions to mindfully create a number of pieces. ($19.99)

05 Tool Pure Quosa

Colloidal silver is the active ingredient in purequosa body spray; use it to get from one event to the next without oversharing your personal aroma. ($22)

01 Tool Essential Poncho1

Eco-friendly and fair trade, the Essential poncho is a bold statement that will keep you warm and comfortable, so you can focus on using your voice. ($98)

03 Tool Chickapeas

Delightfully crunchy, and full of protein, chic-a-peas will keep you energized for any day’s activities. ($3.99)

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