4 End-of-the-Work-Day Rituals to Try Tonight

4 End-of-the-Work-Day Rituals to Try Tonight

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Create end-of-the-day rituals to help you leave the office behind.

In old black-and-white movies, the whistle blows at the end of the day and all the factory workers pour out, ready for their suppers. Work is over; it’s cut-and-dried. Today, leaving work has gotten surprisingly challenging. Many of us toil from home, where tasks can ooze into personal time. Or we’re at offices where leaving punctually can be considered... weird. What’s a frazzled employee to do? Create some end-of-day rituals. For this week’s "Healthy Habits," here are a few ways to peacefully tie a bow in your workday.

The two-hour rule. Two hours before you leave, check your calendar for tomorrow. Anyone you need to email? Confirm with? Anything you forgot? Doing this task now ensures you can leave peacefully later.

Let today go. Before you get up from your desk, write down the three key things you want to accomplish tomorrow. Take a deep, cleansing breath and let today go. Express gratitude, if you wish, that you have employment.

Change the environment. If you work from home, light a soy-based candle, or put on some slippers or something cozy—whatever you associate with being “off-duty.” If you have a commute, perhaps there’s some relaxing music or an uplifting podcast you can turn to, or a spritz of aromatherapy to use in the car.

Be proud. We create endless to-do lists. Have you stopped to congratulate yourself on a job well done? Take a moment to reflect on a few things that you actually did today, not the endless items that remain undone. Feel pride in your accomplishments.

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