Book Review: The Secret of Life

Book Review: The Secret of Life

The Secret of Life: How Anyone Can Be Truly Happy by Garrett Toren shares how to live a happy, fulfilling life.


It is clear almost immediately that The Secret of Life: How Anyone Can Be Truly Happy is a breezy read, capable of helping people challenged with questions and doubt. Author Garrett Toren talks of God, but the book is not specifically for any one kind of religion or faith. However, it does talk about Christianity and leans in favor towards Catholicism. All in all, it is simply a series of answers to questions about how to live a happy, fulfilling life.

The book emphasizes that education and jobs are not the secrets to happiness. Instead, life is about loving others. The message of the book is very positive and encouraging, while still challenging. The author is charged with problems with faith and doubt, and responds by talking about God and helping others.

One woman wrote about feeling unfulfilled because she had a child and was still working. The author’s suggestion was not the easy route, but life’s not supposed to be easy, right? He suggested she quit her job and look after her child full time, even if she had to make some financial sacrifices.

One of the main premises of the book revolving around faith represents critical thinking at its best. If you believe in God, and there turns out not to be one, you lose nothing. However, if you don’t believe in God, and it turns out there is one, you lose everything.

Many people asked why there can be evil and suffering in the world, to which the author answers that this lifetime is an eye-blink compared to eternity. If you are questioning your faith in any way, this book serves as an encouraging reminder of what’s important—putting God and others before yourself. The book serves as a companion piece to the website, which answers life’s toughest questions.

The book is an easy read, while still discussing serious subjects such as eternity and salvation. Toren prescribes to the liberal Christian or Catholic Christian perspective that says God’s love for all of his children is infinite and you must not only say words of faith but also show faith in good works and helping others. If this rings true for you, this book will help to reinforce your beliefs and guide you on the right path.

“We must believe, contrary to whatever else our senses and our reason tell us, in His infinite love. We must trust in that love,” the author writes.

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