17 Affirmations For Connecting to Spirit

17 Affirmations For Connecting to Spirit

Here are some affirmations to help feel more bound to Spirit.


The other night I had an embarrassing prayer incident. I’m going along, talking to God, going over my day and being grateful. And then my mind just totally wandered... I honestly think three to five minutes went by, and I suddenly came to, and realized, “OH! I’m supposed to be praying!” I was mortified. How is God going to take me seriously when I have the attention span of a goldfish?

My thoughts then turned to a beautiful portrait I’d seen printed recently in a magazine, of a young Jewish man wearing tefillin—boxes with religious scrolls, worn with leather straps wrapped around the arm to symbolically bind the mind and emotions to God. Perhaps if I’d been bound more tightly, I thought, I could have channeled my emotions and thoughts more clearly while I prayed. Maybe I would have done a better job connecting with Spirit. I really felt sheepish. But I had to settle for author Elizabeth Gilbert’s advice, “Embrace the glorious mess that you are,” and hope that God would do the same.

How do we connect with Spirit, with God, to bind ourselves? For some it’s a weekly Sunday service. For others, it is observing a holiday, like Purim, or studying a holy book such as the Quran. For still others it’s a walk in the woods or a quiet time of meditation or yoga at dawn. The important things are to be reflective and present—two qualities that were clearly missing from my evening prayer! Here are some affirmations to help feel more bound to Spirit.

  1. My life experiences lead me to be closer to God.
  2. Spirit is always with me, guiding me.
  3. I am together with the Divine, here and now.
  4. I am guided by the Universe and part of a bigger plan.
  5. I am aligned with my higher purpose.
  6. Divine Spirit is around me, always.
  7. I trust that things are unfolding as they are meant to be.
  8. I am the expression of a loving God.
  9. I respectfully ask for Divine guidance in all areas of my life.
  10. I pursue an authentic relationship with God.
  11. I am where God wants me to be.
  12. God knows my needs and meets them.
  13. Faith makes me feel whole in spirit, soul and body.
  14. Today I am centered in my heart, and closer to Spirit.
  15. God knows what is the best possible gift for me at any moment.
  16. With you, Spirit, I feel at peace, ease and joyful.
  17. I embrace the glorious mess that I am, and offer it up as a prayer.

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