Meeting with our Loved-Ones in Sleep

Meeting with our Loved-Ones in Sleep

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An excerpt from a Joseph Public Trance Demonstration

Joseph: The love-link is eternal. The love-link binds one to another - if they truly love each other on whatever level—forever. You cannot lose the people that you feel you have lost on an earthly level. You cannot lose them because they cannot lose themselves. They are eternal, immortal beings.

You also have to think, not within the dimensions of the Earth plane, but remember that when you sleep (if you are sufficiently aware) you ‘travel’, as it were, and you change your perspective so that you visit certain regions within the higher dimensions. You can, for example, visit those people who you feel during your earthly life that you have lost. You talk to them and you also recognise them spirit-to-spirit—so you recognise them as mum, or dad, or as a brother, or a sister, or as a dog…but you also recognise them as who they truly are. So, you have wonderful conversations with them, wonderful harmony with them when you escape this level of consciousness during your sleeping hours. The problem is when you return to this level of consciousness those memories are most often masked. And they are masked by the effects of the Field [reference to mankind’s collective field of consciousness] because you are immersing yourself again in heavy matter; you are immersing yourself in a world that believes that it loses people.

I am not being harsh here. I am not taking away the pain that goes with losing someone, and it is right that that pain should exist to make you realise how important that person was. What I am saying is that you haven’t really lost that person and that there is connection with them, not only when you make the transition and are reunited with them, but now. There is connection with them during your sleeping hours, if you are of sufficient mind to be able to escape your physical body.

Those people cannot be harmed. They cannot be harmed. They cannot die. It is their physical presence that you miss, but imagine seeing them once again, as that physical presence, with that physical presence perfected according to how they view themselves – in other words, they are young again, they are vital again, they are whole again. There is that physical presence that you remember, united with the lights from their soul that they have acquired to this point in their spiritual existence. And so you see the mother, you see the father as who they were but also as who they are, and you think: ‘Isn’t that wonderful! They are so much more than I believed. They are so much more free than I remember them being. And they are forever mine and I am forever theirs because we are a part of each other.’ And as long as that volition to connect is there—it is there. It is as simple as that.

Also remember that the earthly life, from your point of view, is a long journey, but from our point of view is a ‘blink of an eye’. And I want to tell you that you will actually spend more time in the spiritual realms even when you are incarnated on Earth than you do on Earth - more time because your existence is not confined to this ‘mask’, and the times that you spend at night can be vast sessions of teaching, and learning, and listening, and reconciliation, and reunification before you come back.


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Joseph, is a highly-evolved spirit communicator who is deeply worried about the fate of mankind and returns to deliver, through trance medium Michael G. Reccia, compelling spiritual information from higher levels of consciousness regarding both personal and global enlightenment.

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