Toolbox: Home Spa Inspiration

Toolbox: Home Spa Inspiration

Release the worries of the day with these finds from S&H

01 Tool Lamp 0

Bask in the glow of the Himalayan Cube Salt Lamp Light, and rest well knowing the salt is fair trade. ($89)

03 Tool Book Of Sacred Baths

With guidance on creating a variety of rituals, from journaling to meditation, to using gemstones and essential oils, The Book of Sacred Baths will uplift your bathing experience. ($17.99)

02 Tool Bathsoaks

Pour either the Black Lava or Red Alaea Mineral Bath Soak into your bath, and immerse yourself in the luxurious essence of Hawaii. ($18)

04 Tool Chakranecklace 0

Choose a Chakra Gemstone Mala to honor your journey, and hang it or wear it to remind you of your intention. ($129)

05 Tool Cucumberspritz

Invite the smell and taste of citrus, cucumber, or any other flavor into your water with the Citrus Zinger ($19.99)

06 Tool Eyepillow

Allow yourself to sink into darkness and release the visual world with the Restorative Eye Pillow, sweetly scented with bergamot. ($22.50)

07 Tool Gloves

Pamper your hands and feet by pulling on the Spa Moisture Gloves and Socks after massaging them with your favorite emollient. ($3.99)

08 Tool Robe

When you are ready to dry off, wrap yourself in the supple softness of the Luxury Robe, made with extra-soft organic cotton. ($179)

10 Tool Wrap

Filled with flax seeds and a plethora of herbs, the Kozi Luxury Wrap can offer cool or warm comfort. ($22.95)

09 Tool Soycandle

The lightly scented Zen Garden Soy Candle will burn brightly for hours in its container, made from a recycled wine bottle. ($25)

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