Book Review: Psychology and the Near Death Experience

Hill blends in first-hand, anonymous near death experience accounts as well as personal stories and empirical evidence.

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Psychology and the Near Death Experience
By Roy L. Hill
White Crow Books

One key theme of the book Psychology and the Near Death Experience by Roy L. Hill is love. Love for oneself, love for others, and love for God. “The love, compassion, hope, and other messages contained in the near death experience are real in their consequences,” writes Jody Long J.D. in the foreword.

The near death experience is something that is viewed skeptically by some. However, those who believe in it have reasons to do so. Thousands of them, in fact. There have been thousands of anonymous accounts of the near death experience, and it’s unlikely they’d all be fabricating their stories.

The near death experience itself can manifest in different ways, yet still be a shared, common experience. Some people say they feel the sense of returning home. Some say they see the movie of their lives. Some say colors are more vivid. Some claim to know everything there is to know and unknow. The experiences varied, but there are definitely common themes throughout.

Some people claim to hear everyone’s voice in the cacophony. Some say they experience a oneness, being everywhere all the time. Hill blends in first-hand, anonymous near death experience accounts as well as personal stories and empirical evidence.

“With the power of knowledge, the near death experience understanding of the soul gives people hope and faith over non-existence,” writes Hill.

Hill even approaches the question of why there is suffering in the world. We must understand suffering to know love. This time on earth is where we learn to love. Once the time comes, we have the choice to accept or reject God. Lost souls reject God, not the other way around.

This book does not side with one particular religion. In fact, one chapter talks about the diversity of God. Each and every religion takes you to the same place, but just in different ways.

The necessity in this story is love. It includes kindness, compassion, and empathy. Love can lead to happiness. It involves not objectifying people. One anonymous account of a near death experience read, “The Power of Love created and sent out by that being was a force, like electricity is a force. I could feel it being sent out and touching everything around it.” One key takeaway from this book was to love others, not to become more self-centered.

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