19 Affirmations For Listening

19 Affirmations For Listening

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Here are some affirmations to help build up that listening stamina.

Author and communications specialist Tony Alessandra, Ph.D. writes that learning to be a good listener is like becoming a runner. You don’t just hit the sidewalk and trot 10 miles, and similarly, active listening takes stamina and dedicated practice. He writes about three huge benefits that you can reap from exercising your active listening attitude:

  • Listening is as powerful as speech. This is about learning to realize that what someone says to you is just as critical as what you have to say to him or her. Whoa. That’s humbling, isn’t it? Many of us feel our viewpoints are the best in the room, because we’re focused on our own experiences.
  • Realizing that listening saves time and effort. “Those who listen create fewer mistakes, fewer misunderstandings, and fewer false starts,” writes Alessandra. Think about how much better the world would be if everyone took a little extra time to take down the order correctly, spell the name right, or get the gist of the agreement more clearly spelled out—the first time around.
  • Understanding that listening to everybody is important and worthwhile. “Look for that something you can learn from each and every person you meet.” Such a beautiful thought. Instead of making assumptions about who can teach us something, or who’s words are going to be worth our time—let’s take a moment to actually find out.

Here are some affirmations to help build up that listening stamina:

  1. I’m paying attention.
  2. I’m present.
  3. Am I here for this conversation?
  4. I’m mindful.
  5. I can accept neutrally what is being presented.
  6. I’m using open body language.
  7. I am an exceptional listener.
  8. I offer empathy and understanding to others.
  9. Today I practice the skill of being quiet.
  10. I hear what others need.
  11. I keep my focus on the conversation I’m in.
  12. I’m tuned in to this relationship.
  13. I can hear what others want to share with me.
  14. I want to understand other people on a deeper level.
  15. Offering respect, I’m curious about the opinions of others.
  16. I resist the reflex to instantly “fix” what I’m hearing.
  17. I empower someone by listening to them.
  18. I listen patiently while others talk.
  19. I ask questions at the right time.

What affirmations do you use to open your heart and ears to listen?

Learn how to become a more mindful listener.

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