15 Affirmations for Following Your Intuition

15 Affirmations for Following Your Intuition

Affirmations for further strengthening your intuitive gifts.


“I said, ‘Who am I
To blow against the wind?’
I know what I know
I’ll sing what I said
We come and we go
That’s a thing that I keep
In the back of my head.”
-Paul Simon, I Know What I Know

Intuition is a sensation in the body—maybe a tingling in the back of the head, maybe a queasiness in your stomach—but you know it, when you are certain of something. Your body is clanging, regardless of whether you want to receive the message or not. Intuition is such a powerful tool, and scientists tell us that it is strongly linked to our body’s physical reactions, including the way our eyes process information, the way our gut sends signals (literally), and even the ways our noses smell. They don’t call this the Sixth Sense for nothing, as we’re getting information on levels we don’t even realize. But it’s easy to lose track of these signals, particularly when we are overtired, stressed, angry or overwhelmed. We can boost our powers of intuition by regularly meditating, spending enough quiet time alone, and being properly rested—these can all help us tune in better.

On the energy side, intuition is associated with the 6th chakra, ajna, also called “the third eye.” This is the spot between your eyebrows. Child’s pose, where the third eye is pressing against the floor, is good for this chakra.

Here are some affirmations for further strengthening your intuitive gifts.

  1. My true self is talking.
  2. I am fully present.
  3. The future is filled with possibilities.
  4. I call upon the tools naturally offered to me.
  5. I listen to my body and my feelings.
  6. I’m open to receiving divine guidance.
  7. I am aligned with my values.
  8. I am tuned in to the cosmos.
  9. I am connected to my inner vision.
  10. My intuitive self is guiding me.
  11. I trust in my true purpose.
  12. I invite guidance and clarity.
  13. I trust my feelings and insights.
  14. I am fully guided by the universe.
  15. My intuition grows stronger every day.

What are your favorite affirmations when you need to remember to follow your own intuition? Share in the comments section.

Kathryn Drury Wagner is a writer and editor based in Los Angeles. Her latest book is Hawaii’s Strangest, Ickiest, Wildest Book Ever!, a science and natural history “gross out” for young readers.

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