14 Affirmations for Protection from a Negative Person

14 Affirmations for Protection from a Negative Person


Know someone who’s allergic to optimism? These affirmations can provide an emotional shield when you’re with them.

Remember the Debbie Downer sketches on Saturday Night Live? Played by Rachel Dratch, the character had the ability to bring a depressing commentary to any occasion. Order a nice, juicy steak? She’d look worried and mention Mad Cow disease. Bring up an upcoming vacation, and she’d be sure to discuss the threat of a hurricane. Cue the wah-wah sad trombone.

We all know someone like this—maybe it’s a coworker, a relative, or even a friend. Negative personalities not only live under a perpetual cloud, they seem most content when they’ve passed their anxiety on to those around them. They can be exhausting to be around, as you practically need a steel shield to keep the negative vibes from ruining your own day. Hmm, a shield. That’s not such a bad idea. Consider these affirmations an emotional shield for when you’re around someone who is allergic to optimism.

  1. I’m not taking this personally.
  2. I can’t change [insert name], but I can model good behavior.
  3. I follow my own path of happiness.
  4. I have an open, positive mind.
  5. I’m focused on my own success.
  6. The less I respond to negative people, the more peaceful my life is.
  7. I edit my life and its contents.
  8. Today I let go of something negative in my life.
  9. Each positive thought erases a negative one.
  10. Other people don’t control my emotions. I do.
  11. There’s magic and beauty and grace happening all around me.
  12. This is my day.
  13. I live a life filled with gratitude.
  14. I take responsibility for my joyous life.

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