Find Your North Star

Find Your North Star

Art Credit: Penelope Dullaghan

Let the gravity of your star pull you into your dreams.

In the deepest recesses of your deeper being is a spark of pure aliveness. What obscures your spark? How might you better reveal the glow without judgment and with compassion and respect?

And out beyond your farthest grasp is a star that calls you. What obscures your star? How can your star guide you to build a life of health, courage, dignity, love, and purpose?

The spiritual journey—the journey of total aliveness—is both a letting go of everything and a reaching out well beyond your grasp. Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages and John Tarrant’s koans are wonderful practices for letting go to let your spark shine through.

Finding your North Star is a practice for reaching out in such a way that the gravity of your star becomes inexorable—pulling you into your dreams.

The practice has been adapted from a management tool created by Matthew Cross (, a business consultant and workshop leader we first wrote about in 2002. This tool has proven invaluable to executives who need to set priorities for running large corporations, but it’s also useful for the kind of searching that leads to personal healing and an enhanced sense of aliveness. Try this at night as fuel for your Morning Pages. Use it as you explore your own Strategic Aging plan. It may also help you beat the odds if you need a “miracle” cure.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the Find Your North Star worksheets.

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