Toolbox: Create Your Sacred Garden

Toolbox: Create Your Sacred Garden

Cultivate the landscape of your soul and your soil with these picks from S&H

0 Tool Warre Hive

Designed by French monk Abbé Émile Warré, the warre hive will be kind to your bees, and still allow you to harvest the honey. ($249)

1 Tool Volcanic Ash Goddess 0

Create a powerful feminine focal point with the volcanic ash offering goddess. ($89)

2 Tool Twigstarburstlights

When the sun goes down, enjoy the sparkling brilliance of the solar LED twig starburst lights ($79.95)

3 Tool Terrain Grass Gloves

Protect your hands with the Terrain Gloves and you’ll be protecting the environment at the same time by keeping plastic bottles out of the landfill. ($28)

4 Tool Rainchain

The sweet sound of the Buddha’s Cup copper rain chain will gently remind you that your own cup must be empty in order to be refilled. ($239.95)

5 Tool Miraculous Abundance Cover

Let the story of Miraculous Abundance, turning marginal land into a sustainable home for food production, inspire you in your efforts, whatever the size of your garden. ($24.95)

6 Tool Mealybug Destroyer

With the mealybug destroyer you’ll invite beneficial insects into your garden, and you’ll see your pesky bug population become a thing of the past. ($79.50 per 100)

7 Tool Dragonfly Chime

Introduce some whimsy to your gaarden with the hand-painted dragonfly recycled garden chime and relax to the soothing sounds. ($49.95)

8 Tool Cobraheadweeder

The ergonomic cobrahead weeder and cultivator can help you keep your garden weed free without injuring yourself. ($24.95)

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