15 Nature Affirmations to Embrace the Great Outdoors

15 Nature Affirmations to Embrace the Great Outdoors

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Nature is fuel for the soul. Embrace the great outdoors with these nature affirmations.

If you need an energy boost, the best place to get it is outside. According to a study done at the University of Rochester, being in the presence of nature for just 20 minutes a day significantly boosted vitality levels, such as mood and energy. “Nature is fuel for the soul,” wrote Dr. Richard Ryan in the study. “Often when we feel depleted we reach for a cup of coffee, but research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature.” This greater sense of vitality don’t translate simply to more energy for work and play; it also means people are more resilient to illnesses. “One of the pathways to health may be to spend more time in natural settings,” writes Ryan.

Now that spring is here, it’s even easier to get outdoors and partake of nature’s medicine. Here are some nature affirmations to guide you.

  1. This fresh air is healing me.
  2. I am renewed by time spent outside.
  3. I am one with nature and it is one with me.
  4. I belong here.
  5. I can feel my spirit being recharged by this sacred time outdoors.
  6. The richness of nature surrounds me.
  7. With my feet touching earth, I am grounded and supported.
  8. The sun on my face warms me and gives me strength.
  9. I am filled with wonder by nature’s designs.
  10. I am in awe, standing before creation.
  11. The sounds of nature fill my heart and bring me peace.
  12. Today, I connect with all the beings around me.
  13. Nature is nurturing me, helping me flourish.
  14. I am one with the wind, the trees and the sky.
  15. Outdoors, I feel renewed vitality—I am truly alive.

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