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Two Simple Ways to Purify Your Home

The intuitive and time-honored practice of clearing out our homes in the springtime looks good, feels good, and helps us breathe easy.

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Purity. It's hard to come by in this world. We all know that the sea of personal-care products, textiles, inks, and polluted air, into which we dip daily is not the healthiest. With synthetic chemicals like BPAphthalatespesticides, and dioxins and heavy metals like mercury and lead in our environment and food, it can be difficult to “live clean.”

The good news is that you can reduce your body burden with a little pretty purification – and just in time for the grand old tradition: spring cleaning.

Purify your home

To purify your home is also to beautify it. One dead simple tip is to sweep. The dust in your home contains the diesel particulates you've tracked in off the street and may also contain fire retardant chemicals that fall with fuzz from your upholstery. If you happen to be shopping for a new interior, choose natural furniture and textiles produced with water-based or non-toxic inks. Avoid furniture containing fire-retardant chemicals, and avoid PVC (AKA vinyl), which is the fabric of choice for most plastic shower curtains. EVA, polyester, or hemp shower curtains are good alternatives. Going for certified organic materials reduces the guesswork.

Create a serene and clean space with plants, plants, and more plants. Beautiful, calming, and incredibly functional, houseplants naturally filter indoor air. When it comes to plant air filtration, NASA knows. The organization conducted a study to determine which plants best reduced indoor air pollution, in order to use those plants to filter space-station air. English ivy, golden pothos, and mother-in-law's tongue were top performers. The study also recommends activated carbon filters containing fans for filtering large volumes of air quickly. Please take note: some houseplants may be toxic to pets when eaten (or to toddlers, should a "terrible two" get nibbling).

The intuitive and time-honored practice of clearing out our homes in the springtime looks good, feels good, and helps us breathe easy.

This article by Stacey Sude was first published on Aloha. To see the original article, please click here

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