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Rabbi Rami: How can I overcome my fear when hearing Allahu Akbar?

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<em>Edit Article</em> Rabbi Rami: How can I overcome my fear when hearing Allahu Akbar?

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How can I overcome my fear when hearing a Muslim say, Allahu Akbar?Rabbi Rami: Whenever you hear Allahu Akbar, affirm it: Yes! God is great! Greater than my fear; greater than my xenophobia; and greater than anything keeping me from being a strong, loving, and prophetic voice for compassion and justice. Allahu Akbar!My daughter came home from Sunday school telling me God created her the way a potter creates a pot. Where do they get this stuff? Something about this bothers me. What’s your take?The metaphor comes from Isaiah 64:8. Comparing God to a potter and your daughter to a pot separates your daughter from God. I think God created your daughter the way an ocean creates a wave. Your daughter is never apart from and is always a part of God, the source and substance of all reality.I’m a Bible believer and feel called to love. But what does it mean to love?Love is “being a blessing to all the families of the earth” (Genesis 12:3) by seeing to the welfare of all the families of the earth, human and otherwise. Love is expanding your circle of compassion to include “the other” without erasing that which mak …

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