10 Affirmations for Nervous Flyers and Travel Anxiety

10 Affirmations for Nervous Flyers and Travel Anxiety


Buckle your seat belt, sit back, and enjoy the ride with affirmations for travel anxiety.

The instant we reach our row on the plane and cozy into our seats, my husband can doze off. Me? I can barely relax on a plane, much less sleep, no matter how exhausted I am. The minute that plane starts jiggling, my palms are sweating and my heart does its best impression of a flamenco dancer, pounding out rapid steps in my chest cavity. I am not sure which is going to kill me: the imminent plane crash or the heart attack. It’s gotten so bad, I’ve literally thought the flight attendant was going to have to fetch a defibrillator. My coping mechanism? A lot of white wine and celebrity magazines.

But there must be a better way. I have an upcoming journey, one that involves a 15-hour flight, all of it over the Pacific, and I decided I was not going to tremble the whole way. I purchased some lavender essential oil. Then I researched the heck out of turbulence, listening to podcasts from “fear of flying” schools, and reading umpteen articles by pilots, all of whom insist turbulence is a convenience issue, not a safety issue. (This one was the most reassuring to me; maybe it will help you if you face the same concerns.) I’ve now done so much research on subjects like convective turbulence; I think I may have bored myself out of my phobia!

These affirmations for travel anxiety and flying will be my companions when I take flight. If you’re a fearful flyer, like me, and like one quarter of Americans, I hope they will provide comfort to you on your next trip.

  1. I am safe; all is well.
  2. My fears are not realities.
  3. Breathe in, breathe out.
  4. I am secure. There is no cause for alarm.
  5. Every day, millions of people fly around the world safely.
  6. Turbulence is just like a pothole in the road.
  7. Planes make noise. This is normal.
  8. I’m so grateful to be exploring this beautiful planet of ours.
  9. I am a confident, relaxed traveler.
  10. I have released my fear and can fully enjoy my journey.

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