Why We Must Express What is Inside

Why We Must Express What is Inside

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“Something rises in her that she can’t ignore, something that just must be said, for the squelching of it is more painful than the consequences.”
— From The Light of Grace, Journeys of an Angel by Kasey Claytor

It doesn’t matter how your unique creativities show up—usually, they show up in the arts such as painting, writing—because creativity comes in endless other ways. Everything from how you speak and dress, to the way you navigate your tasks at your job, is a form of creative expression.

We so often suppress expressions of our creativity, though. To express our own unique being is one of the prime reasons we are here, having this human existence.

What is inside of you that is busting to get out? What within you might benefit others, if you allowed yourself to express it? What will allow your heart to soar?

This is part of our spiritual work. To continuously unearth our desires and full expression that have been thwarted over the years. They remain deep within us, sometimes turning up in contorted ways, wishing to be noticed. The envy we feel upon seeing someone succeed in some way we secretly want to (and may not even be aware of). The unproductive activities we take up to distract ourselves from exploring our true nature. Numbing ourselves so that we cannot see what our purpose or passion even is. These are signs we are hiding from our brilliance, wishing to play it safe, not willing to risk failure or unacceptance, and feel unworthy.

I felt this when I worked at a large corporation for 17 years. I had a distinct urge to be out on my own, running my business the way I felt it should be run, with no corporation to appease in my decisions. I’ll admit, when I did leave, I was terrified. I left behind the safety of all the benefits and was completely alone except for the two employees I took with me, who were counting on me for a job! My spiritual practices, such as meditation, affirmations, and reading inspirational books, were essential, enabling me to disregard the constant bubbling up of doubt and fear.

And now I find myself in this situation again. It is still scary, but I now know the part that is scary comes from the ego’s self-talk, and I have learned to transcend this. Again and again.

I have finished a book that has been pleading to be written for years, begging my attention by giving me so many signs. With courage, I committed to the task of writing down what was flowing through me as an endless train of fascinating characters and spiritual truths. It had to be written, for the suppression of it was more painful than the fear of exposure to the world.

And now it will be in the world. It isn’t mine anymore, in much the same way our children become their own beings as they strike out on their own to discover who they are. How it is received is not my responsibility. It is its own entity, and being unattached to the public’s response to this book is my spiritual practice.

And I encourage you to delve within and discover the treasures hidden there, for surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, there are great treasures there.

Kasey Claytor is the author of The Light of Grace: Journeys of an Angel. Claytor is a metaphysical teacher, certified meditation instructor, money manager, and inspirational speaker. She loves to teach others ways to find happiness and has penned several books on prosperity and spirituality, including The 7 Laws of Raising Financially Independent Kids. She lives with her husband and dog on a lagoon in Florida.

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