Toolbox: Expanded Giving

Toolbox: Expanded Giving

This season, let your gift giving be the ripple that expands into a global wave of good with these picks from S&H.

0 Tool Tamba 0

The antimicrobial benefits of copper make the Tamba a beautiful way to revitalize your water, while supporting clean water initiatives in India. ($39.99)

00 Tool Triangle Clutch

Inspired by a woman in Cambodia who keeps used feed bags from littering the land, the Triangle Clutch Bag is a stylish way to transform trash. ($24)

1 Tool Classic Necklace

Wear a word of your choosing on the Never Ending Necklace, and give it away when you find someone who needs that word more than you. In the process, you help provide stability for people whose lives have been affected by homelessness. ($49)

2 Tool Flower Crowm

Frame your face with the Gold Flower Crown and share the joy; each purchase results in one headband given to a child going through cancer, and a donation made to childhood cancer research. ($25.95)

4 Tool Jade Scarf

Deliciously soft, the Jade Scarf drapes beautifully; it is crocheted by women who are being educated and mentored to help break the cycle of poverty. ($37.95)

5 Tool Juntos

Buying Juntos Shoes, fashioned after the street shoes of Ecuador, means that a child in Ecuador will get a backpack filled with the school supplies they need for a year. ($48)

3 Tool Full Circle Necklace

Created by artists in Laos from bombs, airplane parts, and other scrap metal that has been littering the area since the Vietnam War, the Full Circle Talisman Necklace is part of the artfully coined Peacebomb collection. ($100)

7 Tool Shea Butter

Leaving a tingly warmth, Peppermint and Tea Tree Shea Butter Foot Cream will soothe and soften your tootsies, while also providing education and medical care to children in Benin, West Africa. ($8.99)

9 Tool Sunday Tote

The Sunday Tote is one of a collection of vegan handbags whose color dictates where the donation goes; choose from 11 colors that represent 11 different nonprofit organizations that support the most devastating health issues of our time. ($150)

8 Tool Sole Sister Bangle

Help Sseko provide access to higher education or simply to right livelihood for a woman in Uganda by picking up a Sole Sister Bangle Set ($49.99)

6 Tool Punjammy

Wearing these light-as-a feather Punjammy Pants, you help victims of the sex slave trade escape an unthinkable fate by providing them a working wage. ($44)

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