Our Grand Journey of Self Exploration

Our Grand Journey of Self Exploration

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Our Grand Journey of Self-Exploration reveals a startling message that has profound spiritual implications for us all. This is about learning how to share the wisdom and power of communicating through life soul-to-soul, regardless of whether the soul is in the physical or spiritual realm. Soul-based communication is creating a new you, a new way of creating a commitment to being loving regardless of your circumstances and history. When communicating soul-to-soul with your loved ones, you will connect with your heart, intuition, and love. Seeing each other’s soul is a beautiful experience – like looking through a lens of love.

Excerpt from Our Grand Journey of Self-Exploration:

Awakening your soulful connection with others through soul-to-soul communication allows your eternal soul to transcend your emotions. When you only see the beautiful beings that we really are, it moves in congruence with the will and inclination of the collective human spirit. That is how we know we are in alignment with our truth. This profound awareness will bring you peace, a sense of your own divinity, and the limitless nature of this human experience.

Soul-to-soul communication gets you to the depth of a person’s inner truth by stepping into the light of balance, harmony, and transformation. Our awareness does not stop at the limits of the intellect and that is what we have demonstrated through this sharing of our journey. In our book we have allowed our readers to see that in Peter’s most unconscious state, he was the most consciously aware that he could be.

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