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Catching Magic by the Tail

An Interview with Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert covered in Holi Powder

Photo Credit: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Inspiration is trying to get your attention. According to Elizabeth Gilbert, you have an obligation not to ignore the signals. In her new book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, Gilbert issues a clarion call to be curious, follow the breadcrumbs, and start the conversation with your most creative self.Your book was almost asking to be written after your TED talk on creativity in 2009. There was such a massive response to it.I spent years hearing conversations and questions from people especially after I gave my TED talk. It really was like I had hung a shingle that read, “Please come to me with your questions and worries and doubts and fears about creativity.” I was touched by that and also excited about those conversations because there is nothing I’d rather talk about. Whether they were in person or on social media, I kept running into the same obstacles—especially when I was talking to women. There were all these things that kept coming up again and again, and I felt like I had things to say about this.Pedaling back to when you were just starting as a writer, did you feel like “being published” …

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Alma Tassi

Alma Tassi has written for several magazines and edited books on spirituality, personal growth, and women's issues.

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