Fall in Love with the World Share-A-Mony

Fall in Love with the World Share-A-Mony

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The fall season is a time of transformation. It reminds us as nature turns its spectacular range of colors and fills our senses, that change is not only possible it is inevitable — and it is grand!

As humans who master our world in many ways, let us awaken to opportunity and our responsibility to create a great change that will also reverberate and transform our world.

With our “Share-a-mony,” we realize that collectively as people on Earth we have ability to harness our power to do massive good where everyone and everything prospers.

I ask you to stop what you are doing and think of the world we live in now.

Seriously Imagine 5 things that need to change so that all of us on our planet live in harmony and…are constructive …embrace each other – and where war, poverty, violence, greed and hatred end once and for all.

Concentrate on this "new world."

Then, “make it be” as others who share in our share-a-mony are also “making it be” along with you.

Thank the energy that gave us all life and ask it to help us too.

Visualize sending our strong vibes of good energy all around the world, deep into the sea, through the mountains, streaming in the air and finally surrounding you and funneling all that good stuff back into your beating heart.

Do this 2 times for good measure.

Later after our share-a-mony, go outside and lean against a tree and tell the tree how thankful you are for giving us life through the oxygen we breathe; ultimately trees have gifted us the ability to have this share-a-mony. What will we give back as our return gift? Starting with this share-a-mony, we can all mindfully begin to give back more life.

Put your one hand in your other hand feeling who you are once more. Then look up — your new world you created with all of us now awaits you!

Here ends our share-a-mony and begins a better, sustainable and loving world for all.

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