The Five Elements Quiz

The Five Elements Quiz

Excerpt from Decorating With the Five Elements of Feng Shui


Although your dominant element is consistent throughout your life, you may notice that your elemental constitution changes, just as you do. This quiz is a particularly good indicator of your current dominant element. For example, I would have scored differently ten years ago as opposed to today, as I have changed and grown over the years.

In the following quiz, approach each statement as you would typically be in your life currently as opposed to the mood you happen to be in on that day in particular. One of the advantages of taking the quiz as opposed to the other methods is that it will give you a breakdown of how you rank among all the elements, not just your dominant element(s).

Five Element Quiz

Instructions: Check each statement that applies to you. Total the number of statements you checked for each group. Record your score for each group at the end of the quiz. Notice your scores for each element. The higher your score, the higher your concentration of that element. The Quick Element Profile will show you what element each group is and the characteristics for that element.


[ ] I tend to figure problems out in my head rather than processing with others.

[ ] I consider myself to be candid and direct in my communications and have been known to hurt others’ feelings as a result.

[ ] I don’t toot my own horn and rarely talk about my accomplishments.

[ ] I can see the bigger picture in situations.

[ ] I don’t need a lot of money to be happy.

[ ] I would rather stay at home with a good book than attend a large social event.

[ ] People don’t really know me and I kind of like it that way.

[ ] I don’t trust people easily, but am loyal when I do.

[ ] I don’t like having to rely on others and consider myself to be independent.

[ ] I can easily get lost in my own world.

Group A Total:


[ ] I love starting new projects and often have multiple projects going at the same time.

[ ] I can make decisions quickly and take action on them rather quickly.

[ ] People see me as a leader.

[ ] I am often on the cutting edge in my work and love learning new things.

[ ] I become frustrated when things don’t happen fast enough.

[ ] I enjoy public recognition for my talents and accomplishments.

[ ] At times, I can be reactive or compulsive in taking action.

[ ] I do well under deadlines.

[ ] I like being the first to try something new.

[ ] If needed, I will take the lead in order to get things done.

Group B Total:


[ ] Communicating effectively is one of my strengths.

[ ] I am generally a happy-go-lucky person and enjoy life.

[ ] I read people well.

[ ] I easily take on other people’s emotions.

[ ] I am prone to anxiety.

[ ] I enjoy giving and receiving affection.

[ ] I can easily become passionate about a project I believe in and can get other people enthused about it too.

[ ] At times, I can become exhausted to the point of crashing.

[ ] Friends and/or colleagues like my high energy and enthusiasm.

[ ] I am comfortable being emotional and even vulnerable at times.

Group C Total:


[ ] My friends often lean on me for advice and support.

[ ] I like things the way they are and generally resist change.

[ ] I am very supportive of other people’s goals.

[ ] In social or family groups, I tend to be the glue that keeps everyone together and go out of my way to make interactions harmonious.

[ ] I tend to put the needs of others ahead of my own.

[ ] I tend to worry a lot.

[ ] I am generally agreeable and accommodating.

[ ] I generally prefer working in groups rather than on my own.

[ ] My perfect day would include being at home with my entire family and most likely I would be cooking for them.

[ ] I don’t make a lot of changes, but when I do they are pretty major.

Group D Total:


[ ] I am a good organizer.

[ ] I maintain a neat and orderly environment.

[ ] I prefer a systematic approach to problem solving rather than relying on emotions and intuition.

[ ] I remind people of rules and/or my work involves having people follow rules or procedures.

[ ] I prefer to stay out of people’s lives.

[ ] I pride myself in being particular and discerning when making a purchase.

[ ] People see me as being a quiet person.

[ ] I am self-disciplined.

[ ] My principles are important to me and come before pleasure and fulfillment.

[ ] I thrive in a structured environment where support systems are in place.

Group E Total:

Record your scores from each group

  • Group A = Water :
  • Group B = Wood :
  • Group C = Fire :
  • Group D = Earth :
  • Group E = Metal :

Quick Element Profile

Below is a quick profile for each element.

  • Group A – Water: Water is the Philosopher. They are quiet and typically introverted and unassuming. They hold a quiet strength. They may seem fragile at times, but they are anything but. All creation is born from water and those of this element are no exception. They are deeply creative, contemplative, intuitive, and introspective. They will most likely be the ones who figure out the key to world peace; however, it will be up to the other elements to implement it. When out of balance, Water people can become withdrawn and aloof. They tend to keep their emotions hidden and process slowly before taking action.
  • Group B – Wood: Wood is the Pioneer. They are the leaders, inventors, seekers, and visionaries. They will take the lead in groups and take steps to create movement in projects. They can easily vacillate between being introverted and extroverted depending on what a situation calls for. For example, they can work solo on creating a new business or work well with others. When movement in projects or relationships stalls, Wood is quick to become frustrated. Wood keeps things in forward motion, and their challenge is to know when to release their energy or take a step back so that real expansion can occur.
  • Group C – Fire: Fire is the Manifestor. They are generally extroverts and high energy. They are often the life of the party and enjoy life. Similar to a flame, they create the highest expression of energy in the form of enthusiasm and passion. Fire elements provide the fuel in projects so they manifest to their highest potential. While the idea may have been born with the Water element and the Wood element provided forward motion, it is the Fire element that brings something to its culmination. When out of balance, Fire becomes burnt out. Its energy can easily scatter in too many areas without proper focus, which can lead to anxiety.
  • Group D – Earth: Earth is the Stabilizer. They are the grounding force that keeps the status quo maintained so that change doesn’t happen too quickly. The Earth element is the container or stage on which we all play. They are highly supportive people who bring harmony to groups and help maintain the peace. Think of the Earth element as the parent who maintains harmony among the children when bickering ensues; they go out of their way to not ruffle feathers. They do not like change and in the extremes can become controlling. Worry is their default emotion, especially when something seems out of their control that could lead to possible change.
  • Group E – Metal: Metal is the Organizer. They are natural organizers and keep things in check and on schedule. They make great accountants, engineers, scientists, editors, architects, personal assistants, and professional organizers. They are guaranteed to be detail-oriented, focused, and precise in anything they do. They tend to cut to the chase in conversation without the need for embellishments. They also love an orderly environment and even label their storage items appropriately. Their imbalance can show up as being obsessive, perfectionist, or overly rigid in their mindset. They tend to have tunnel vision without the ability to see the big picture.

This is an excerpt from Tisha Morris's book Decorating With the Five Elements of Feng Shui, Llewellyn Publications.

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