Toolbox: Brewing Bliss

Toolbox: Brewing Bliss

Elevate your arsenal for pouring a perfectly caffeinated cup with these favorites from S&H.

07 Chemex

Sometimes it’s best to not mess with tradition. The American-designed Classic Chemex is still a brilliantly simple way to create a cup of Joe. ($43.50)

02 Minipresso

Too cute to leave behind, and eminently portable, the hand-powered minipresso gives you espresso on the go. ($59)

03 Joulies

Never burn your tongue or get stuck with lukewarm liquid again by dropping a couple of Joulies in your mug before you pour. They absorb excess heat quickly, and then slowly release it back. ($59.95)

04 Thehomebarista

For true diehards, The Home Barista takes you on a deeply satisfying exploration of all things coffee. ($14.95)

05 Hempcoffeefilter

Made of sustainable, durable fibers, the Reusable Hemp Coffee Filter gives you a clear conscience for making as many cups as you want. ($7.95)

06 Organicbodyscrub

The Black Coffee Organic Body Scrub leaves your skin smooth and soft, and the sweet scent of coffee and sugar satisfies your senses. ($26)

01 Presse

The superfine screen in the Presse will keep the grounds separated from the coffee, eliminating the need for a pour-off. ($29.95)

08 Gooseneckkettle

Heat your water to an ideal temperature for a pour-over with the Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle ($104.99)

09 Aeropress

Like a French press, but flipped upside down, the Aeropress delivers a strong and smooth concentrate. ($27.95)

10 Aerolatte

The Aerolatte milk frother let’s you feel like your favorite barista has set up shop in your kitchen. ($75)

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