The House of Gathering

The House of Gathering

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Erica Sarzin-Borrillo awakens ones’ Divine essence through her deep, mystical poetry. Her enormous gift, which inspires and enlightens beyond the imagination, is sure to touch the hearts and minds of anyone who reads it. She guides us through an auspicious journey into the mysteries of being alive in our time.

“Using words as wands, the wildly talented artist, performer, visionary, mystic and magic maker, Erica Sarzin-Borrillo offers a feast of life in all its stages and surprises. Here is truth telling wrought in poetic images and stunning cadence. The Goddess takes up residence in this potent book and the reader is never the same." —Jean Houston, Ph.D., author of The Possible Human

A Thousand Portraits

There are a thousand portraits to be painted

Before the Soul’s essence can be captured

The tale of the one and the many

Is told a thousand different ways

While we work out our lives

So infinitely paradoxical

There are a thousand myths

Of the traveling fool

And what stands beneath his unique face

Is the face of Man

And behind the face of Man

Is the portrait of God Himself

The Ancient Future

The future was present

Here there and everywhere

And all at once

Yet from this angle

This perspective

I have no awareness

Of the very next moment

For this present moment

Takes such focus

And demands my attention

But in my Gnostic knowing Heart

Where the witness can give its attention

At all times, to all times

I am being told that the future is already here

It stands alone as a mystery

Yet is as ancient as time itself

And not only because its Ancient seed was planted long ago

But because past, present, and future

Are gathered as one simultaneously

You and I, my friend are the

Ancient Holy Tribesmen

Dancing by the fire in the dead of night

We are the original ones who created

The pathway into the future

And the time travelers from

The distant future making

Their way back to their

Original soul

Dark Blessings

The Angel of Night enters like a secret friend

Wanting only to unravel the truth hidden within the shadows

He brings with him his dark blessings

But we fear such gifts with our lack of faith in life itself

The Mystery asks us to take this journey

Each step of the way and embrace the process

With the understanding that there is no right

And there is no wrong

There is nothing but your Soul’s breath

And passion for a Human experience

Full of joy and challenges alike

Full of hope and disappointment all at once

Full of doubt and fear as well as conviction

Full of order and full of chaos

With the ever present instinct to seek

Balance and our highest potential

Living with the confusions and illusions

And projections of Mankind

Our Genius is invited in…

The ready-made Wise Man

The One within

Who goes by the name:

I Am

World Wounding

Understand that world wounding may be as essential as personal wounding…

And that these divine tragedies occurring at this time are not to be forgotten

On the Sacred level there is purpose and it just may be to break the World

Heart open for higher and greater compassion for itself

This is the Sacred Stage

And you are being nudged to hold the bigger picture

Now and forever more

Yes, you have separated yourselves from each other with your own stories…

But still can’t seem to grasp the fact that you yourselves have chosen

To step into each other’s projections to play out your lives

Dear Ones, it is time to look through the lens of Unity consciousness

It is time the Cosmic seed within each one of you

Gives birth to the greater, more loving you waiting to be born

You are being asked now to drop illusions

Drop confusions

Your very Soul and Higher Self are in embrace

And together are embraced by the Soul of Eternity

And in the Quantum Field, all is embraced by that Love

Every Human that has ever lived, every planet, every star,

Every multi self in its infinite dimensions


Every sun

Every moon

Every grain of sand

Every snowflake

Every being

Through Infinity and back again

An excerpt from The House of Gathering by Erica Sarzin-Borrillo.

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