Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint

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Within this inspirational new self-help book, author Kelly Kurtz invites readers to color their lives with positivity. Fresh Paint will show readers how to open their minds and souls to cultivate their authentic selves, ask themselves tough questions and listen to the answers within them and create a home environment that aligns with their energy and desires, among other lessons. Kurtz encourages readers to become their own general contractor, decorating their lives as they see fit.

Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder who the heck you are? Have you recently asked yourself just what happened to the person you used to be? Does it seem like just yesterday that you were young and carefree and life flowed easily? If you often feel lost, overwhelmed, or as if you are wandering without direction, you are not alone.
Are you ready for a restoration? A gallon of Fresh Paint will get you started. Get ready to rediscover yourself after the years where you adapted, adjusted, and accommodated to meet the needs of others. You did it because you wanted to, or perhaps you needed to, or a combination of both; but either way you did it. You have been patient, unselfish, and loving.

An except from Fresh Paint by Kelly Kurtz.

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