The Lies Behind the Truth

The Lies Behind the Truth

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The Lies Behind the Truth will take you on a journey, a journey of self-exploration. In this sometimes funny, but moving and compelling story, Randy Kolibaba will share his life with you. Randy grew up in a poor broken family, with an abusive, alcoholic father, living on the lower eastside of one of the poorest and roughest communities in Calgary, Alberta. He eventually became a highly decorated and high ranking officer in Canada’s national police force, the world renowned Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Randy will also share with you the time he served with the United Nations in war torn Kosovo, Yugoslavia, having witnessed the atrocities of genocide first hand.

The Lies Behind the Truth will show how your current thoughts and beliefs can influence what you experience in your life. What we’re experiencing every second of our lives is truly what we, ourselves, choose our experiences to be. There are no “Do Overs” or no “Rewind” buttons in life. The sooner we all realize it, the quicker we can start to manifest the life we have dreamed of and desired. Life is not meant to be a struggle; it’s not meant to be pushed. Life should be something we experience and enjoy in harmony with the Universe.

The Lies Behind the Truth is dedicated to all those who have been led to believe that their manifestation of happiness was unattainable. This book will show readers how easy it is to make a positive change in their lives by examining their own thoughts.

A lot of what I will disclose in this book centers on what I’ve come to understand about what our beliefs and habitual thinking can really do for us. I need to share this thought with you; and hopefully get you thinking. When circumstances or events, good or bad, show up in your life, it’s because YOU (yes, that’s right, YOU) manifested them.

Whether we know it or not, we create a concept of our own reality. What happiness is, or what love should be, we create that concept. Some people, like me, end up associating happiness or love with disappointment because of old habitual ways of thinking.

When I would eventually get to experience what I considered to be happiness or love, memories of pain and disappointment would emerge. For decades I never understood why; all I believed was that those feelings of pain or disappointment were something I could never change. As a result of that flawed way of thinking, my beliefs adversely affected not only my family, but, myself and my career as well.

I believe we build a perception of how we see the world. What a lot of people ultimately do is create a faulty picture of how the world truly is. That faulty picture can, and usually does, cause us nothing but more pain, sorrow or disappointment.

When I came to understand how much control I had over my life, not only did I start to realize and appreciate the incredible gifts that life had to offer, but I discovered that I was manifesting incredible abundance and happiness simply by changing how I thought. It’s universally held that a basic principle of manifestation comes from the understanding that we don’t manifest things or events into our life THAT WE WANT…rather, we manifest into our lives the things THAT WE ARE!!!!...

This concept of understanding that “we are what we think” is not new. Actually, it’s been known to civilization for thousands of years and we can find that proof in a number of different religious texts. However, for whatever reason, that information wasn’t taught to us in school.

No matter how old you are or how much money you have or where you are in your spiritual journey, I will show you that a truly positive change in your life is only a thought away.

An excerpt from The Lies Behind the Truth: Free yourself from your internal prison of negative and habitual thinking…live the life you were meant to live by Randy Kolibaba.

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