Rabbi Rami: "I Find Myself Wishing My Dad Would Die?"

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My dad is dying, and I moved him to a very fine care facility. The cost is crushing, and I took a second job to cover it. Now I find myself wishing he would die, and the guilt I’m experiencing is as crushing as the cost. How do I stop these thoughts and the feelings they trigger?Rabbi Rami: You don’t. You are not in control of, or responsible for the thoughts and feelings that pop into your mind. When you find yourself wishing your dad would die, accept that this is an honest response to a very tough situation, and that your actions rather than these thoughts show your true character. You are a good son in a difficult situation. Know this, and love will triumph over guilt.I attended a weekend retreat where the teacher promised us a mystical experience. I felt nothing, and he said I didn’t try hard enough. Was this a con? What is a mystical experience? Are such experiences true? How hard is it to have one?A mystical experience is one that sees through the illusion of “self” and “other” to reveal the non-dual reality that embraces and transcends all duality. This is the “I AM of God” (which is very differ …

Author and teacher Rabbi Rami Shapiro has been called “one of the best bridges of Eastern and Western wisdom.” His newest book is Embracing the Divine Feminine.

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