Jade Eggs for Yoni Yoga

Jade Eggs for Yoni Yoga

A thousand years before Dr. Kegel, Taoist’s created this sensually healing practice

Illustration Credit: Venus de Ova, Elena Ray

Back in 1948, USC gynecologist Arnold Kegel, MD, announced the health benefits of strengthening the pelvic floor with what became known as Kegel exercises. As it turned out, practicing the simple PC muscle contractions not only helped cure urinary incontinence, it helped women have orgasms—some for the first time. And while Kegels are great exercises, the concept is at least a thousand years older, and the original Taoist version using Jade Eggs has some real advantages. In my intimacy workshops, I refer to this practice as “yoni yoga.” More than Kegels, Jade Eggs help you to really get to know your yoni.

Start by purchasing a Jade Egg, a smooth, egg-shaped stone typically made of jade but sometimes made of rose quartz or obsidian. You can find them online, or at your local sex shop. Most women start with a jade stone known as nephrite, which is said to have cleansing and clearing powers. Eggs come in different sizes. The larger sizes are typically for beginners, and even then a woman may have to lie down to keep one inside. With practice, a woman can learn to use a smaller stone throughout the day, and some women develop the ability to internally move two stones in different directions. Most eggs come with instructions, and there are many resources online to walk you through stone meditations, insertion, exercises, and ideas for getting the most from this practice. Regardless of what stone you choose, you want a stone that feels right to you.

When I first discovered this practice, I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about. However, over time I became a believer. I slowly began to experience more sensation and dexterity in my yoni, as well as increased sexual satisfaction. Last year, I had a six-week period of time where I was unable to use my egg, and I found that my hot flashes became far more intense, and my overall mood gloomy. It quickly became evident that regular use made a big difference in my physical and emotional well-being.

Specialists in the field, such as Rachel Abrams, MD, who coauthored The Multi-Orgasmic Woman, and Saidia Desilets, who wrote Emergence of the Sensual Woman, report that “women who work with the Jade Egg could lessen or eliminate PMS and menopausal symptoms, aid in fertility and cancer prevention (of the breasts and genitals), and stimulate a much wider range of orgasmic experiences.” This practice is also known to assist in reducing incontinence, increasing sexual pleasure, helping to balance hormones, increasing vaginal lubrication and dexterity, and supporting us in becoming familiar with the inner landscape of our vaginal canal.

I find that along with my regular practice, I also enjoy using my egg in the shower, when I practice yoga, or as I go about my daily errands and chores. When I’m feeling especially frisky, I’ll leave it in and let my lover discover the stone hidden away in my sacred space. Surprise and delight registers on his face every time. And that, dear sisters, is a delightful practice.

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