5 Questions for Sonia Choquette

5 Questions for Sonia Choquette

1. In your latest book, you set out to walk the Camino de Santiago. How did this pilgrimage help you regain your spiritual footing amid years of personal suffering?

The time alone, walking in nature, that the pilgrimage allowed quieted my mind and allowed me to get in touch with so many parts of my life that I had either ignored or banished because I felt wounded or ashamed. In its place, I found a renewed sense of self-love and compassion and my heart opened to find the same for all people in my life and for all people in general.

2. What daily practice helps you awaken your intuition?

I spend fifteen minutes a day simply being quiet. I start by paying attention to my breathing, exhaling fully, pausing, then inhaling deeply. This relieves stress and quiets my mind so I can listen to my heart. Then I scan my body from the feet up and notice if there is any tension or restlessness, and I ask my heart what this is about. I don’t listen for words. I listen for feelings. I ask my intuition what this energy is trying to convey that I haven’t acknowledged. And then I trust what comes up without question.

3. How can you tell the difference between intuition and temptation?

Intuition is subtle yet consistent and does not fluctuate in spite of wishful thinking. If something is not right, you will feel it in your heart. With temptation your mind will try to talk you into something in as many ways as possible, causing stress and uneasiness as you consider going against your best interest.

4. How has your own intuition evolved over the years?

My intuition has deepened and become more sophisticated as a result of so many years of using it. In the beginning, I followed my intuition like a detective following clues, digging deeper for answers and direction as I went. Now I find I can get to the bottom of things much quicker and sense where things are going in a single breath or two. I simply trust my vibes.

5. What is your mantra for the New Year?

My mantra for 2015 is “My heart is open and I receive and give love fearlessly.”

Intuition queen Sonia Choquette is the author of several best-sellers including her latest, Walking Home: A Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed.

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