Playing with Wonder Questions

Playing with Wonder Questions

I play with “wonder questions” all the time. I use them in coaching sessions and with my Sweetheart. I use them not to shift what I am thinking about, but how I am thinking about it. Wonder questions are a way of exploring questions that I do not know the answer to without trying to constrain my answers. In fact, I often let go of the need to come up with an answer. Being a predominately left brain kind of guy, the difficult—and useful—part is that I have to let go and wonder:

  • I wonder how it can get even better than this?
  • I wonder how I might live in god and act on my preferences?
  • I wonder how I can be fully present and angry at the same time?
  • I wonder how I can consciously express my sexual energy with everyone I meet?
  • I wonder how a new source of income will show up in my life?
  • I wonder how a new camp trailer will show up?

These questions provide a wonderful shift when I am stuck or cannot see a way out of my situation. The “answers” are experienced as freedom.

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