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Four Sacred Medicines

Use these herbs to purify yourself and your home

The herbs known as the Four Sacred Medicines are used in many Native American nations but are most commonly associated with the Ojibwa people. Here’s how you can use them at home.TobaccoTobacco is used to communicate with the spirit world and is often presented as an offering or gift, especially before collecting medicine herbs. It can also be used for smudging.A simple way to make a tobacco offering is to take a bit of tobacco, hold it in your left hand, and say a prayer. Put the tobacco somewhere in nature and offer it to the earth, either in a fire or near a tree.When using tobacco, choose natural, raw tobacco that can be obtained from a tobacconist or a reservation smoke shop.SageSage is used for releasing the mind of its troubles and for ridding a space of negative energy. It can also be used to purify a home.The kind of sage you use depends on the area you live in. White sage, or Salvia apiana, is gathered and used in California; in South Dakota, the Artemisia ludoviciana type is used.It is best if you can pick it yourself (being sure to offer tobacco first), but you can always find it at a local …

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