So what's it really like to be a Medium?

So what's it really like to be a Medium?

Ask a Practitioner

Name: Donna Fremon-Powell
Title: Guided Imagery Therapist; Intuitive Counselor; Medium
Location: Orange County, California
Rates: $95/hour
Credentials: Certified Guided Imagery Therapist, Board-Certified Hypnotherapist

What does a medium do?

A medium serves as a channel for people to speak to loved ones who have passed or to angels who act as conduits of information.

When did you realize you had a gift for connecting with spirits?

As a child, I saw “invisible” people regularly, but my family labeled it crazy. By age nine, I realized it was in my best interest to silence the gift rather than endure my mother’s silent treatment. It wasn’t until 1988 that I was able to tap into the spirit world again. Within a few days of my father’s passing, I saw him standing in my room.

Do people just show up like in the movie Ghost?

During a reading, it’s not unusual for several of a client’s loved ones to appear just like in the movie. Sometimes they show up in full living color—even wearing sentimental piece of jewelry or waving a flag—but mostly they appear as white figures with an outline of their body shape, size, and hairstyle.

How do people from the other side relay messages through you?

Some just start talking, while others send snapshots or images of precious memories or keepsakes. I begin to get a sense of their personality almost immediately. I may smell perfume or a favorite food. If the message isn’t clear, I’ll ask them to present it in a different way. They may show me an important life event, create a sensation in my body to indicate a health-related issue, or sing a song. Loved ones with a strong energy and a deep desire to connect may even try to talk through me, and I experience buzzing sensation in my lips.

Do you follow a certain protocol when you meet with someone?

I clear the office space of leftover energy before every reading by opening doors and windows and spraying my office with a diluted essential oil blend. Since fear and anxiety tend to clog the channel, I offer clients a cozy blanket and a pair of fuzzy socks when they arrive to help them feel safe and comfortable. We usually chat for a few minutes before spirits start showing up.

Can anyone connect with loved ones from the other side? Or are mediums the only conduits?

Anyone can connect to the other side in the same way anyone can sing. Just like professional singers have a natural talent for singing, mediums have a knack for interacting with the spirit world. In both cases, you can hone your abilities with practice. If you’re yearning to reach a loved one who has passed, my advice is to quiet yourself and ask to connect with your guides or angels. Then try not to judge or react to whatever comes up. Instead, simply ask for clarification. I recommend journaling the information you receive to develop your skill. Stay aware (for) when confirmation appears, and thank your guides.

What do you love most about your work?

There’s a peace of mind people get when they connect with loved ones who have passed. They begin to sense there’s something bigger than this world. There’s nothing more joyous than knowing I opened up that channel for them.

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