Finding Inner Peace, At Summer Camp

Pass the s’mores—and make them vegan! A new brand of sleep-away camp caters to wellness-seeking adults.

Illustration Credit: Camping in the Forest by Wei Zhou

Hiking in the woods, dining-hall dinners, campfire sing-alongs—they aren’t just the stuff of childhood memory anymore. You, too, can go to summer camp.Across the country, the growing trend of grown-up summer camps offers computer captives a chance to get outdoors, get healthy, and ditch their digital addiction. Whether you’re looking to commune with nature, ready to deepen your spiritual practice, or you’re just a kid at heart, check out these adult-focused summer camps and retreats:Camp GroundedCheck your smartphones and your assumptions at the door when you sign up for Camp Grounded, a summertime, off-the-grid “digital detox” for adults who have a hard time disconnecting—literally. The three-day camp in Navarro, California, offers meditation, yoga, and wellness workshops, plus outdoor activities like stargazing and tea service in a yurt. The dining hall and canteen serve a healthy vegetarian and vegan menu. campgrounded.orgWomen’s QuestWomen’s Quest offers a variety of summer camps and retreats both across the United States and internationally (2014 adventures include Vermont, Colorado, and Italy), ra …

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